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To provide a dynamic environment for children and families to help build a brighter future. 


To foster child development in a safe, fun and nurturing environment where children have the opportunity to learn, play and grow. 

Program Philosophy

King Edward Child Care Society is an incorporated, non-profit charitable organization. It maintains, operates and conducts quality and affordable child care and out-of-school care programs. The organization's program licensed name is King Edward Child Care Centre.  


We are an inclusive, learning through play environment. We respect each child as an individual and foster a loving and supportive environment. 

All our programs reflect the development skills of the children. The programs are balanced, well rounded and comprehensive in a positive learning environment. 


Diversity: Welcoming, encouraging, exploring, and appreciating different cultures, abilities and personalities. 

Cooperation: Working together and using collaborative approaches to ensure that everyone's contribution to our program is appreciated. 

Exploration: Using a child-centered approach. We provide opportunities for children to guide their learning. 

Respect: Fostering a respectful environment. We encourage respect for oneself and others. 

Creativity: Providing an atmosphere that encourages and appreciates imagination and creativity. 

Knowledge: Appreciating, encouraging and supporting the attainment of knowledge. 

Protection: Supporting and protecting the well-being of the King Edward Child Care Team, children and families and participating in the protection and preservation of our world. 

Day Care Program : Ages 3 - 4.5 

Kinder Care Program Ages 5 - 6 

Out-of-School Care Program Ages 6 - 12 

Meet the Team

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